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Franklin Bluffs Patterned-Ground 10 x 10 m Grids

The Franklin Bluffs biocomplexity grids are located in Subzone D, on the coastal plain of the Alaska North Slope, just west of the Sagavanirktok River. There are three 10 x 10 m grids: one near the rim of an abandoned river terrace (dry), one on the same terrace, but further back from the edge and a little lower in elevation (mesic), and one on the lower abandoned river terrace below the first two (wet). All three have a complex of vegetation types created by non-sorted circles, with sparser vegetation in the circles and more continuous vegetation between the circles.

Data will be available for download soon.

Map Themes

Vegetation (pending), Thaw Depth (pending), Snow Depth (pending), NDVI (pending)


Raynolds, M. K., D. A. Walker, and H. A. Maier. 2005. Plant community-level mapping of arctic Alaska based on the Circumpolar Arctic Vegetation Map. Phytocoenologia 35(4):821-848. doi:10.1127/0340-269X/2005/0035-0821


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    aga_franklin_bluffs_dry_vegetation_2006.zip (65.9 KB)

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    aga_franklin_bluffs_moist_vegetation_2006.zip (101 KB)

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    aga_franklinbluff_moist_airphoto_2002.zip (3.6 MB)

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    aga_franklinbluff_wet_airphoto_2002.zip (4.18 MB)

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    Website :: Phytocoenologia Vol. 35, No. 4


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Status: Ongoing
Type: Data
Data Types: GIS, Image, Map
Primary Contacts
Name: Donald A. (Skip) Walker
Email: dawalker@alaska.edu
Other Organizations
Alaska Geobotany Center, National Science Foundation

Alaska, Arctic, North Slope

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