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Patterned-Ground 10 x 10 m Grids (Raynolds et al. 2005)

This mapping includes six sites on the North Slope of Alaska. The sites are located along the Dalton Highway and in the Prudhoe Bay Oilfield area, forming a north-south transect across the climate gradient of the North Slope. From South to North, the sites are Happy Valley, Sagwon, Franklin Bluffs, Deadhorse, West Dock and Howe Island. At each site, 10 x 10 m grids were mapped to characterize the heterogeneity of vegetation in the patterned ground ecosystems created by soils, climate and vegetation interactions. This work was funded by the US National Science Foundation Biocomplexity grant OPP-0120736.

The maps were hand-drawn in the field, and later digitized as shapefiles. Thaw depth, snow depth, and NDVI were sampled on the grids, usually every meter. The vegetation mapping legend is similar to that used for the Upper Kuparuk River map: http://www.arcticatlas.org/maps/themes/uk/ukvg

Biocomplexity Sites

Happy Valley, Sagwon, Franklin Bluffs, Deadhorse, West Dock and Howe Island.

Map Themes

Vegetation, Ancillary data - snow depth, thaw depth, NDVI


Barreda, J. E., J. A. Knudson, D. A. Walker, M. K. Raynolds, A. N. Kade, and C. A. Munger. 2006. Biocomplexity of Patterned Ground Data Report. Alaska Geobotany Center, Fairbanks, AK.

Kade, A. N., D. A. Walker, and M. K. Raynolds. 2005. Plant communities and soils in cryoturbated tundra along a climate gradient in the Low Arctic, Alaska. Phytocoenologia 35:761–820.

Raynolds, M. K., D. A. Walker, and H. A. Maier. 2005. Plant community-level mapping of arctic Alaska based on the Circumpolar Arctic Vegetation Map. Phytocoenologia 35:821-848. doi:10.1127/0340-269X/2005/0035-082

Walker, D. A., H. E. Epstein, V. E. Romanovsky, C.-L. Ping, G. J. Michaelsen, R. P. Daanen, Y. Shur, R. A. Peterson, W. B. Krantz, M. K. Raynolds, W. A. Gould, G. Gonzalez, D. J. Nicolsky, C. M. Vonlanthen, A. N. Kade, H. P. Kuss, A. M. Kelley, C. A. Munger, C. T. Tarnocai, N. V. Matveeva, and F. J. A. Daniels. 2008. Arctic patterned-ground ecosystems: A synthesis of studies along a North American Arctic Transect. Journal of Geophysical Research - Biogeosciences 113:G03S01. doi:10.1029/2007JG000504.


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National Science Foundation

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Alaska Geobotany Center

Alaska, North Slope, Arctic

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